ALTER EGO- a solo exhibition by James McCaffrey

Artist statement

This series of expressionists works was inspired by imagery of the California wild fires this past fall. While creating these works, I covered every inch of my studios walls with photographs taken of the fires. Standing there in the midst of my studio surrounded by fire on all sides I channeled the litany of visceral emotions being provoked within myself and turn them out onto the canvases as abstractions of said feelings.




James McCaffrey is an abstract artist based out of San Francisco’s Mission District. Often blending several different mediums into singular works, McCaffrey uses primarily, but not limited to, acrylics, oil, gauche, spray paint, enamels, concrete and stucco. In his upcoming show “Alter Egos,” McCaffrey will be presenting a series of purely expressionist works that construct an abstract visualization, attempting to define spontaneous emotions in relation to the subconscious mind.